• Lindsay Lohan Cunt

    Lindsay Lohan Cunt

    Some might say they agree, but I didn’t CALL her a cunt, I was more referring to the fact she has one. It’s shaved bald, it belongs to a celebrity, and it’s right there in plain fucking sight in what is clearly in no way at all is an attention whore’s desperate attempt to gain media attention. No way.

    It might be construed that way if she flashes the gash on a regular basis, but – oh wait. She does. ‘Accidental’ upskirts where she just happens to be wearing no panties, plus the multitude of times her big tits manage to escape from the skimpy tops she likes to wear, posing nude as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe, I see a pattern emerging here.

    Here’s a free tip Lindsay: Wear some fucking underwear the next time you go out in a micro mini-skirt on the windiest day ever since the last windiest day ever. Or better yet – don’t. That way we get to see even more of your celebrity pussy than what’s already filling up the archives at this sleazy hollywood sex site

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